The Ingredients of Anti Aging Creams

Anti Aging Cream Ingredients

Recipes, cosmetics and even medicines have ingredients that are made to specify the action of a certain product. This is true to most anti aging creams in the market as they usually have ingredients that are too technical for the eyes. There are many ingredients in these creams and it is good to know what the function of each ingredient is. Here are the list of substances that are usually added into anti aging products.

  • AHA and BHA – This product is tried and tested to promote healthy skin by smoothening its surface. The combination of these ingredients binds in moisture to create a healthy glow. Aside from that is enhances collagen production which is important to maintain skin cell’s integrity.
  • Retinol – this substance is relevant to Vitamin A as this can be converted to retinol. This substance is added in anti aging creams to protect the skin from harmful damages from the sun. Aside from that, it renews cells and eliminates dead skin cells to reveal a skin that has less wrinkles and has a glowing complexion. Usually, retinol is added in the form of retinyl palmitate.
  • CoEnzyme Q10 – this substance is also has skin benefits as it acts as an antioxidant to eliminate the free radicals that we can get from diet, pollution and strong ingredients form cosmetics. Aside from that, coenzyme Q10 is found in many cosmetics because of its capacity of protecting the skin cells from damages.
  • Niacinamide – if you have not heard of this nutrient, this may be a new knowledge for you. This is actually a B-vitamin called Vitamin B3.  This ingredient is found in anti aging products because it has the capacity to moisturize the skin by preventing it from losing water. It also enhances the circulation of substances in the dermis and is also found out that it can lighten scars and blemishes.
  • Resveratrol – this is a kind of antioxidant usually found in grapes. One of the major action of this substance is for weight management but it is now considered to be an effective ingredient for anti-wrinkle creams. It has major benefits in protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays and also improves the formation of collagen.
  • Sunscreens – this is the most common ingredient in many anti-wrinkle products since exposure to sun is a common cause of anti aging. There are various levels of SPF’s and should also be taken in proper precaution.
  • Grapeseed – grapeseed is also found to have important benefits to skin. One of which is being a protective ingredient to shield the skin cells from any damages. It also can improve the action of other antioxidants and also have the ability to heal wounds. With this ingredient in your product, you are assured of using a quality brand.

These are the common ingredients in anti aging creams. There are more to come as science continues to find ways to make a product that is effective. For more information, visit your dermatologist today.

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