Anti Aging Cream FAQ’s

Anti Aging FAQs

There are many questions that arise as far as anti aging products are concerned. With outrageous claims from different companies, it is normal to wonder how true and legitimate the claims are. In this article, we have gathered all frequently answered questions and answered it in the most concise way.

  • Are these creams effective?

Yes. They are effective but you also need to know what brand you are using. There are products that contain inferior ingredients that may not be as effective as those from quality brands. Be sure to check a brand before purchasing one in order to make sure you are getting the right product.

  • Are these products safe?

The safety measure of these products is yet to be proven. In fact, health authorities warn the public of its safety levels. If you have a damaged or skin or your skin has sensitivities, it is good to ask your dermatologist for proper diagnosis and prescription.

  • What are the ingredients of most anti aging creams?

The ingredients of anti aging creams vary from different brands. Usually, brands put retinol, hydroxyl and many other substances to have an effective product.

  • What do I need to do before putting on anti aging product?

It is good to clean the face completely before applying an anti aging in order to prevent the dirt to go inside the skin. To make sure that your face is completely clean, wash your face 2 times and if possible, apply toner to further eliminate dirt. Anti-wrinkle products usually have moisturizers in it so it is safe to use toner beforehand.

  • I have acne, is it safe for me to buy these products?

There are products that are proven safe, via their own clinical trials, and can cause no harm when even when acne is present. However, it is good to take extra precaution in using products as it can aggravate the acne and cause other skin problems.

  • What age should I begin using anti aging cream?

Age does not matter as long as you see signs of aging. In this era where pollution becomes a part of our daily life, wrinkles and fine lines are usually a common problem. You can be having wrinkles even if you are in the early 20’s.

  • Can these products be used for preventing age spots?

Yes. In fact, dermatologist recommend these products not just to reduce wrinkles and other aging signs, they also began prescribing them for prevention and protection.

  • Is there a product that is both anti-wrinkle and sunscreen?

Yes. You can check many products that contain both benefits. Usually, wrinkles are caused by too much exposure from the sun. This is the reason why companies also provide SPF to their cosmetic brands.

These are the most common questions gathered from consumers around the world. The popularity of these anti-wrinkle creams are now at the top of the chart so it is expected that more questions will arise.

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