Anti Aging Benefits of Selenium

Selenium Anti Aging

Selenium is one of the trace minerals that are not are unnoticed. Now that it has been reviewed, researched and tested, its name is now gaining popularity due to its antioxidant activity and skin care. For those who are not familiar to selenium, here are the basic facts you need to know about this mineral:

  • Selenium is a part of an enzyme called glutathione peroxidase and thioredoxin reductase. These are enzymes that act as antioxidant to protect the body from toxins and free radicals.
  • This substances is said to be trace mineral because little amount of this is necessary to regulate proper body function.
  • Selenium was first discovered by Joan Berzelius and Johan Gahn who are both chemists and are owners of a chemical plant in Sweden.

Selenium is also used in many industries like glassmaking and in producing many kinds of pigment. Now, this mineral is being studied for its effect on skin, particularly anti aging. Find out the skin benefits of this nutrient as we get into details.

  • This mineral protects the cell from harm. This is one of the anti aging properties of selenium that makes it one of the added ingredients in some anti aging creams. The action of these mineral roots from its function of protecting the cell from constant exposure to pollution and harmful rays of the sun.
  • Selenium is found to have anti-cancer properties. This is because of its antioxidant action in eliminating free radical from the body. Free radicals are harmful substances that cause different kinds of cancers and other lifestyle related diseases.

These are the 2 major benefits of selenium for skin and aging. It is also good to know that this mineral is very strong and thus, extra precaution should be done for people who have sensitive skin. It is also not recommended for people who have damaged skin like burns and scratches. This is also one of the reasons why doctors do not prescribe selenium-containing products to people with damaged skin.

In order to give your skin an anti aging effect for within, you can create a plan that is rich in selenium. You can invest in food items that are rich in this nutrient like eggs, tuna and mushrooms. Also, make sure that you avoid high-fat sources because they would likely compete for selenium’s absorption and thus jeopardizing its works as an antioxidant.  Here a trick! Also consume foods that are rich in iron and copper. It has been found out that people who are deficient of these two nutrients appear to have less levels of selenium as well. Get rich amount of iron and copper by investing on proteins and green leafy vegetables.

These are the amazing facts and benefits of selenium on skin. While this mineral needs to have a further study of its safety, there are also products that add this mineral to anti aging creams. To know more about selenium and if it is good for you, visit your dermatologist today.

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